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Bare Die SMT Distribution At ES Components
  News September 2010  

  ES Components recently completes their 29th successful year in business.
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ES Components has recently completed our 29th successful year in business, supporting the Microelectronic Industry thanks to our loyal customers and suppliers. Our mind set is still "Innovation Not Duplication". Our line card is ntentionally limited to a select group of High Quality, Niche Franchises who are leaders in their field.

The BOOM form Bust has hit us all! A year ago we were worried about a worsening economy on the verge of Depression, not knowing whether or not anyone would survive. Most customers and suppliers cut inventory, reduced risk by tightened credit and only bought what they needed. All major suppliers cut workers and capacity. Inventory levels have gone from historical highs to an all time low. Cash was king! Fast forward one year. Demand exceeds capacity by orders of magnitude. Many commodity prices are increasing and brokers are holding us for ransom again. Lead times are at levels not seen in many years and ALLOCATION has become the norm. Some suppliers won't accept orders, or are quoting
50+ weeks for delivery. We are being told that this will be the norm until some time in 2011.

ES Components is doing our best to make a difference. ES Components did not cut back, we actually increased our investment in inventory to better support our key Franchises and Customers. ES Components created a multiple of
"Off The Shelf" programs committed to inventory to allow Same Day Delivery, No Large Minimum Orders, and Standard Pricing for the most popular types. ES Components Die Inventory is actually larger today and continues to grow. Our philosophy of making Quality Die available from Stock at reasonable prices has not changed. ES Components is the leader in VMI(Vendor Managed Inventory) for DIE, exactly what you want, precisely when you need it. Let us help you increase your Inventory Turns.

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