Bare Die SMT Distribution At ES Components

Our Philosophy

Bare die, wafer and package devices supplied by ES Components drive us to provide excellent services and effiences in relationships with our customers.

As a company, and as individuals, we strive for excellence in everything that we do. We recognize that excellence does not happen by accident, it is a conscious habit cultivated by people driven to its pursuit. Out staff employs the greatest form of human pride, that which compels a man or woman to do their absolute best, even when no one is watching. Excellence is an expectation that every employee has for themselves as well as each other. We have had several third party quality audits over the last few years and every auditor has commented to me that it is very clear to them that this is a culture centered on the principle of excellence. We are very proud of our accomplishments, but we recognize that in order to go from good to great, we must maintatin our focus on excellence in every aspect of our business.

Relationships are also a key component to the ES Components philosophy. We maintatin relationships with our customers, with our suppliers, with each other and with the community. ES Components is proud to support the community through our sponsorship of local events, donations to worthwhile charities, and our annual participation in the Marine's Toys for Tots drive. In a day and age that focuses on the use of technology as a vehicle for communication, we do our absolute best to establish, nuture, and grow our relationships through face-to-face interactions and one-on-one communications. The ES Components family has grown over the years to over 25 employees, yet we still remain focused on family values and the personal nature of business. We view our suppliers as well as our customers as our partners. We do everything in our power to make it as easy as possible to do business with ES Components.

The final components in the ES Components philosophy is focused on efficiencies. We continually strive to work smarter, not harder. As a technology forward company,
ES Components has applied our technological resources to streamline many aspects of our bare die, wafer and package device business. We have a continuous improvement mindset that guides our focus on making our processes more effective as well as more efficient. We recognize that every companyhas two things in common - a present and a future, and what lies in between is process. Increasing efficiencies is not only an internal focus. We strive to help our customers and our vendors find and implment out-of-the-box solutions to their own process efficiency concerns. Through our VMI programs we have the ability to increase inventory turns, reduce lead times, reduce inventory carrying cost, and enhance your lean manufacturing process when you use our bare die.

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